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We provide value-added services for a wide range of distribution processes, including inspections, packing and attaching price labels.

We control management of all warehousing information on a global scale with the use of IT solutions

Our Warehousing Operations

This is an important activity which sets the tone for all other warehouse operations such that a mistake in this activity will have a ripple effect elsewhere in the chain of activities.

The aim is to improve this aspect through proper planning, scheduling of arrivals and receipts.

Liaison with suppliers and transporters will go a long way in avoiding costly delays at your premises.

Once goods have been received, they are stored in the warehouse.

This is an important activity which depends on product characteristics, handling groups and demand patterns.

Good storage allows for efficient picking of orders thereby improving customer service levels.

Storage also has a cost impact on warehouse operations as it tends to take the largest space compared with other activities.

Goods are only stored whilst awaiting distribution to respective customers.

Often orders or requests will be made to warehouse operators which necessitate that goods have to be selected and picked to make up customer orders.

This is an important activity with the highest impact on customer service levels.

Once goods have been picked and assembled into customer orders, they have to be dispatched to respective customer destinations.

This is an important activity that fulfils the logistics objective of getting the right products to the customer at the right time, in the right quantities and quality

What warehouse management services does Bhilogs provide?

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Why Bhilogs?

Our team of experts specializes in helping businesses maximize productivity with a comprehensive range of scalable, customizable warehouse management solutions, including:

Does Bhilogs warehousing include data integration?

You can send Bhilogs your orders electronically via the EDI technology of your choice, manually or via batch uploads. If you want to make informed decisions, reduce costs and grow your bottom line, you’ll need access to your shipping data.

So, make sure any partner you choose for freight shipments can deliver access to all your vital information.

Streamline your supply chain with Bhilogs warehousing services

Partner with a team of global warehousing experts with the flexibility to adapt to your specific warehousing needs.

As a full-service transportation and logistics partner, AIT understands how important warehouse management and distribution planning are to your company’s success.

A virtual warehouse is a type of data warehouse—a large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources used to guide management decisions. In this case, the warehouse keeps tabs on a businesses’ organization-wide inventory data.

In general, virtual warehouses support faster order fulfilment while reducing transportation costs, labor costs and service times. Specific examples include the capability for automatic order fulfilment determinations as well as the means to aggregate demand of low-volume stock across multiple locations, reducing inventory levels while meeting overall demand.

A bonded warehouse is a secure area where you can have goods you import into the country assembled, labeled, marked, and stored without paying duties for as many as five years from the import date.

Customs approval is required for any cleaning, repackaging or sorting of goods.

Bhilogs’ strict compliance with established guidelines for workplace safety and cargo security help our customers maintain industry standards while operating as efficiently as possible.

Whether you’re moving cargo domestically or internationally, you can count on our decades of all-encompassing transportation and logistics security experience.

The facilities provide warehousing/storage facilities to several grains which requires storage before they are milled or transported for sale to the end consumers.

Warehouse receipt finance uses securely stored goods as loan collateral.

It allows clients, such as farmers, traders, processors, and others to deposit commodities.

Delivery to clients is possible in company bulk transport fleets.

The freight charges will be published on time by the company.

Bhilogs helps you can manage the movement of Purchase Orders (PO’s), from order creation through to product delivery at final destination.  Key PO milestone events are configured and monitored on-line, reducing the risks of late or incorrect deliveries. Key PO management features include the ability to:

  1. Manage ship window compliance by exception, alerting you when a supplier delivers either early or late against a ship window. Bhilogs can also track multiple supplier deliveries against a single order.
  2. Track partial, over and under shipment quantities in order to alert you to shipment quantity problems, based on exception tolerances that you define and configure.
  3. Calculate Landed Cost down to the SKU level, based on the cost components and calculation algorithm that you define and configure.
  4. Control multiple PO versions in order to view, track and audit all updates to PO’s throughout the life cycle of that order.

Bhilogs is one of the prominent Inventory management outsourcing companies and offers cost-effective inventory management outsourcing services.

Inventory management is the task of huge responsibility as well as demanding a kind of management that never sought-after crises.

This is one of the daunting tasks that the organization would never like to be careless about and prefers outsourcing inventory management.

Bhilogs offers unique inventory management outsourcing solutions that keep track of goods on the timely basis and update the entire system accordingly.

Bhilog excels in avoiding out of stock situation by providing essential inventory management solutions. Keeping investment at the optimum level in the inventory is the most important aspect and we do understand these factors well.

The premise of the warehouse shall be a one-stop solution to farmers/traders and millers and shall be equipped with minimum required amenities.