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Bhilogs Integrated Services offers a range of estate management services suitable for medium and large residential estates across Nigeria.

Our estate management services can take care of the maintenance of your properties regardless of its size. We also provide a range of other residential estate services; this includes assisting you in buying or selling investment properties and land. We can manage your tenants and all the other work associated with this.

Our estate management solution will build a bespoke management plan to suit your budget and property requirement.

Bhilogs Integrated Services offers a comprehensive and tested property management service catering for all the management requirements associated with Commercial, Retail and Industrial property. Effective financial and facility management are Bhilogs Integrated Services’s priority focuses and competitive advantage, underpinned by well-established and customised infrastructure. Defining an accurate property budget from the outset and reporting a monthly performance to budget with the standard rent roll and creditors payment schedule, enables utility recoveries and variances to be tightly managed.

Bhilogs Integrated Services ’s Commercial, Industrial and Retail property management services are based upon a detailed analysis of the specific requirements of the landlord as well as the inherent qualities and potential of the portfolio. We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions to property portfolios increasing the returns to our clients. 

Discover Our Estate and Property Management Services

Looking for the right tenant for your rental home? Our team handles all of your marketing needs, using digital & traditional advertising tools to get the word out.

Our goal is never to simply locate a tenant, but instead, we aim to find the best renter for your property. We carefully screen & qualify every applicant to keep you protected.

Get your rental income on time each month. Our team handles monthly invoicing, collects payments, and enforces late penalties for tardy renters.

Keep your property in good condition & your tenants happy with our maintenance team on your side. We respond to incoming requests & perform all necessary repairs.

Get unbeatable peace of mind by allowing our rental experts to inspect your home. We schedule regular visits to keep an eye out for potential problems.

Say goodbye to the bookkeeping headache, once and for all. We all handle all financial documentation & reporting for you. Sign into your account at any time to take a look.

Discover Our Estate and Property Management Services

Learn What Sets Us Apart

Why Bhilogs?

We Have the Friendliest Team

At Bhilogs Integrated Services, our aim is twofold: provide the best property management team and maintain a high standard of customer service excellence. Our staff is compassionate & we're always eager to lend a helping hand.

Are you carefully monitoring the ordinances and housing guidelines that apply to your rental? Ignoring the law could get you in serious trouble. Breathe easier by letting our professional rental experts keep your home compliant.

In an increasingly digital world, we feel strongly about providing online tools for our tenants & clients alike. These tech resources help our team stay efficient and effective and allow you to keep a close watch on your home.

Owning rental homes can be costly. The right property management company can make all the difference. Our goal at Bhilogs is to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income—without interrupting your daily life.

Bhilogs is a full-service property management company, handling all facets of the property management process for our clients to ensure maximum return on their investments.


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These guys are awesome! Each time I needed their help, their response was quick and very helpful. Also, the theme is very flexible. Five stars from me for everything! I truly recommend this theme!!!

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