At Bhilogs, our fully integrated platform can be personalized to your needs and goals. All our services fit together seamlessly and work together to provide optimal support for your business in any capacity. From creation of a project scope to building a budget and supervising development, Bhilogs has support services that include:

Bhilogs Integrated Services offers a range of estate management services suitable for medium and large residential estates across Nigeria. Our estate management services can

Delivering project success through effective planning, the right team and rigorous controls. Creating the right delivery strategy for a project depends on a detailed preparation stage

BHILOGS develop and deploy customized robust Quality Management System (QMS) adhering to any of the regulatory standards of your choice with minimal time and cost. There will be productivity increase and cost savings of more than 60% using our service.

In this modern world, on time delivery has been the choice of your guest and you are committed to fulfill it. No matter how bad the traffic is, and weather burning the roads, everybody wants their delivery on time.

We offer highly specialized services to complement your existing operation. It may be limited manpower or knowledge on certain equipment types and markets.

Bhilogs is a solutions focused business providing equipment rentals, services, and bespoke engineering capabilities across both onshore and offshore oilfield operations.


Information and communication technology is now critical for business success. From communication and collaboration initiatives that can connect staff anytime, anywhere to private, public and hybrid cloud shifts, organizations

We provide value-added services for a wide range of distribution processes, including inspections, packing and attaching price labels.We control management

We associated ourselves with our clients like a virtual co-founder gaining knowledge at each and every step of the organization process. Developing and delivering content for different business

Bhilogs is a leading provider of custom branded merchandise and online company store solutions for many well-recognized brands. Our team of corporate merchandising and technology professionals design and develop custom branded merchandise

You will gain insight on day-one on whether the expected finish date of the project is doable.

You will have a project plan that is based on team member buy-in and commitment, two essential elements of successful projects.

You will have accurate and complete schedules for making informed business decisions.

You will know if the team is making progress each week, positive gains that ensures the expected finish date remains doable.

You will have access to an Executive Dashboard so you can quickly evaluate the status of the key milestone dates and review the corrective actions the team is undertaking to remedy any delays.

You will have a weekly control process that provides the structure to keep the schedule current and the discipline to keep team members engaged and accountable.

Why Bhilogs?

Bhilogs is a project management consulting firm that partners with project teams to ensure their important projects are planned, controlled and delivered successfully. Our most valuable assets are our consultants, methodology, and technology and tools. We use these assets to give our clients a competitive advantage in executing their time-sensitive projects. Our consultants are certified through the Project Management Institute and the International Association of Facilitators. They follow our proven methodology to facilitate project teams in creating and maintaining credible plans. Our technology and tools automates cumbersome project management functions which keeps our cost down and allows client team members to stay engaged without creating an undue burden on their productivity.

For each project Bhilogs partners with, we provide a custom team of consultants. Based on the needs of the project and urgency, we will assemble a custom team with the level of experience and size that your project requires.

Detailed Breakdown of Our Services